At Ontogeny, we work with organisations in the start-up, growth or maturity phase that need renewal and restructuring to develop further. We assist our clients and portfolio companies with everything from strategy, business development, restructuring and analysis to corporate finance. The common denominator is growth and development.


Our senior consultants at Ontogeny Consulting have extensive experience from established consultancies, and assist our clients in the public and private sectors in strategy, business development, investment, restructuring and analysis.


Our advisors at Ontogeny Corporate Finance have experience from a wide range of M&A and capital transactions, and take our clients safely through the entire transaction process so that assets are safeguarded with minimal risk. We are an investment firm licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway.


Through Ontogeny Investment, we are closely involved in our portfolio companies, where as active owners we contribute over time in different roles depending on the needs of the companies.