A unique competence environment that integrates transaction advisory and management consulting
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What do we do?

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Which sectors?

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Why us?

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Who are we?

Ontogeny is an advisory environment at the intersection of management consulting and corporate finance.

We help companies realize shareholder value by setting direction, implementing development initiatives and assisting in transactions.

"Ontogeny (ontogeni in Norwegian) means the development from fetal stage to adult individual."

Our approach

Ontogeni is an appropriate term for what we do. We work with organizations in the growth or maturation phase that need renewal and restructuring to develop further.

We contribute to this through an ecosystem of services at the intersection of management consulting and transaction advisory.

We always focus on value creation

We established Ontogeny based on the idea that significant value can be created for our customers by combining the best of the consulting industry, operational management and the investor perspective.


We like to get our hands dirty

We take a "roll up your sleeves" approach to solving challenges together with our customers, and have senior engagement every step of the way.


We contribute from cradle to grave

We work with everything from exciting growth companies to large multinationals - as well as organizations in the public and non-profit sectors.


We always have analytics at the core

We like fact-based decisions, and we always take an analytical and methodical approach to our projects.


We speak the customer's language

We are enthusiastic, dedicated and down-to-earth. Our style, combined with our business acumen and creativity, makes it both profitable and inspiring to work with us.