Through Ontogeny Investment, we are closely involved in our portfolio companies, where we as active owners contribute over time in different roles depending on the companies' needs.

Ontogeny Investment invests time and money in exciting growth companies that have the prerequisites for profitable growth, and where we can make a real difference to realize the potential. We are both co-founders in start-up companies and join more mature companies. We get heavily involved both strategically and operationally and take on different roles over time, depending on the needs. It can be in temporary leadership roles or as an advisor in strategy, business development, capital raising, partner search, etc. We do not focus on selected sectors, but rest on the industry and professional competence in the team to be relevant and trigger for further growth and value development.


Rebel Spirits AS

(04.2019 -)

Rebel Spirits is a relatively new producer of aquavit marketed as MEIR. The company aims to be a breath of fresh air in the market. Through innovation, competence and an uncompromising way of thinking about quality and commercialization, they want to create tomorrow's spirits trends, and be a leading spirits player nationally and internationally.

Ontogeny Group has been actively involved in the establishment of Rebel Spirits. We have a central role in the development of the company and contribute with industry insight and business development expertise.

Iceland Mat AS

(08.2017 -)

Iceland Mat is a grocery concept with a focus on frozen food. The concept is based on the English grocery chain Iceland Foods. Iceland is one of the UK's fastest growing and most innovative food chains, recognized as one of the best companies to work for in the UK. Iceland Mat holds the rights to operate Iceland in Norway and has opened five stores in Norway, in addition to having established distribution of goods through established store chains, including Europris AS and Circle K AS.

Ontogeny Group is involved in Iceland Mat AS as an active co-owner. Our team is largely engaged in the work of further developing the concept on Norwegian soil. As an active co-owner, Ontogeny contributes both operationally, financially and on the board.

Vitir AS

(08.2018 -)

Vitir AS is a Norwegian supplier of a patent-pending, wireless infrastructure for sensory science connected to the "Internet of Things" (IoT). With unparalleled range and flexibility, their networking solution connects thousands of different sensors based on a wide range of communication standards. The solutions are particularly well suited for welfare technology (body-worn sensors) and digitization of large commercial buildings.

Ontogeny Group is an active shareholder in Vitir AS and contributes with expertise in strategy, business and organizational development in close cooperation with the founders of the company. Our team has also made an active contribution in connection with issues and partner search.


Christiania Partners AS

(08.2019 - 06.2021)

Ontogeny Investment established Christiania Partner i collaboration with several heavy national and international actors in retail and tax-free business, to bid for the operation of Avinor's tax-free business at the Norwegian airports for the period 2023-2027 . In addition to Christiania Partners, the consortium consisted of the French Tax The Free actor, Lagardére Travel Retail , and Rema 1000 AS. The consortium developed a unique, sustainable and innovative concept which would have revolutionized the shopping experience on tax-free by the Norwegian airports, but did not arrive in the last negotiations . However, the project documented our willingness and ability to establish large and complex consortia for significant investment in an exciting area, as well as provided in-depth insight inside innovative development of retail concepts . Ontogeny assisted throughout the process of project management, negotiation management, financing, strategy and business development.   

aScan AS

(08.2017 - 11.2019)

aScan AS is a software company that delivers the self-managed warehouse system Aktiv Forsyning which simplifies and optimizes material ordering for nursing homes, hospitals, home services and emergency rooms. aScan International AS is responsible for developing international markets. AScan's system can point to documented cost savings by reducing time spent, inventory and the number of product variants used. The company was this year's Gazelle in Akershus in Dagens Næringsliv's gazelle accolade to 2018.

Ontogeny Group has had the main responsibility for establishing and developing aScan International. We have also led the work of establishing an international partner. OneMed, a large, international supplier of medical consumables, has acquired our ownership interest and is now the majority owner of aScan AS.