Kristiania University College has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. The University College has ambitions to continue this growth in the years to come, which is expected to trigger a significant need for space. Against this background, the university college had to decide whether to enter into a new lease contract for premises with significant teaching capacity. Ontogeny Consulting assisted the college with extensive simulations of future teaching and the preparation of decision-making material.

Based on projected student growth, new curricula were generated up to 2025, after which future teaching hours were simulated in existing and new classrooms. Simulations were made with different teaching methods and varying degrees of digital teaching, in order to highlight a range of different options for the university college of the future. The simulations indicated the growth potential of different building stock, as well as opportunities for merging overlapping teaching (repetitive teaching). 

Ontogeny team

  • Bjørn Harald Hansen