Strategic development partner for changing businesses

Ontogeny Group works with companies that are in the start-up, growth or maturity phase that need renewal and restructuring to develop further. The common denominator is development. We add power and precision to the development and realization of a business model. Ontogeny Group contributes strategic and analytical expertise that sets direction and provides the basis for an ambitious but realistic implementation plan. Heavy leadership skills ensure implementation power and progress. Our core competencies embrace strategy, business development, corporate finance, performance improvements and turnarounds. Ontogeny Group consists of experienced people with senior management and senior advisory expertise, with documented results from both ten-phase companies, growth companies and large mature companies. We have a flexible compensation structure and can happily combine ongoing fees with settlements in shares. Ontogeny Group wants to take ownership positions in exciting companies with great development potential where by virtue of our expertise, industry knowledge and relationship base we can make a real difference. We can also take on longer management for hire or project manager assignments as well as join board positions. Ontogeny Group’s ambition is to create a fun working life by working with exciting companies and challenging business issues. Ourenthusiastic, dedicated and “down-on” style combined with our good business flair and creativity makes it both profitable and inspiring to work with Ontogeny Group.

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